Association Brief Introduction
On December 26, 2008, Qingdao Rubber Association is founded by more than 100 rubber trade enterprises voluntarily; on May 19th, 2011, Qingdao Rubber Association is approved by Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Qingdao Civil Affairs Bureau.
Association is a voluntary and non-profit organization operated with the membership system. Our members include Qingdao Jianuo Business Co., Ltd, , Qingdao Runlian Rubber Co., Ltd., Qingdao Huang Chunfa Rubber Co., Ltd., Qingdao SME Trade Development Center, Qingdao Three-Six-Nine International Trade Co., Ltd. Qingdao Unicoal International Trade Co., Ltd., Qingdao Free Trade Zone Jin Lai international trade Co., Ltd., Qingdao Everise International Trade Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Tanyue International Import and Export Co.,Ltd etc.
The majority of members import rubber from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and they are all long-term sustained corporate business  companies with good reputation both at home and abroad.
Qingdao, as an important port city in eastern China, has developed into a national distribution center for natural rubber. 2010 Qingdao imports 1.02 million tons of natural rubber, accounting for 59.6% of the Chinese amount; Association imports 35% of the national amounts. Qingdao Rubber Association is becoming the biggest one in China. The mission of the Association is to facilitate the circulation of the rubber industry, playing the role of "bridge" and "link" for rubber industry. The Association provides a platform for members to share resources and to foresee the market trends, avoid market risks.
Association is the only one in China joined the International Rubber Association (IRA).  Association holds regular meetings and Salons for members as well as organizing members to attend overseas rubber conference. Association may also build platform for members to communicate with other rubber associations in Southeast Asia.