Brief Introduction

  The Jia Nuo Art Gallery is founded by the Qing Dao Jia Nuo Group, and the total investment is more billion. It is the president unit of the Laoshan Mountain Gallery Association. The Jia Nuo Art Gallery located in the national tourist resort area of Laoshan, the hinterland of the stone in the international sea bathing beach. It shares the historical and cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery of the Laoshan Mountain, which is the birthplace of Taoism culture in China. It is adjacent to the central business district, such as International Beer City, International Sailing Center, Golf Course, Yacht Club, Polar ocean world, Hai Er Road CBD, International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, the Qingdao Grand Theatre, Museum, several universities as Ocean University of China, Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Shandong University, are around it.

  The Jia Nuo Art Gallery sits on the sea, mountain, city view, and owns a 3,200㎡ of six large exhibition hall. It is designed and managed with the advanced idea of a top art gallery, and is committed to the professional art exhibition, collection and academic research. Show the diversity of visual arts with the international perspective, take the task of promoting the development of art and culture heritage as its responsibility. Focus on the presentation and communication of traditional and modern art, east and west culture. Comprehensive exhibits the works of contemporary art masters of China and artists from around the world. Help the artists to expand the China market and international exchange with its unique geographical convenience. To be one of the most characteristic art gallery in China with indoor painting.


 Features and functions of art galleries

   The Jia Nuo Art Gallery, combined with its facility, arranges high-end art exhibition halls, five star famous studio, art leisure club, comprehensive office area, video conference room. The three star Laoshan Summer Hotel, which offers comprehensive security service for the exhibition, locates in the scenic Laoshan Scenic Area, it is a European style villa style resort hotel with restaurant, guest room, meeting and entertainment. The Jia Nuo Art Gallery applies integrated operation strategy with the SKY 88 Club, offers the visitor a comfortable rest space with beauty, food, wine, tea and coffee. Moreover, the unique view sky garden terrace with 700㎡ square, helps the artists to held opening reception, article party and customs performance.

  The Jia Nuo Art Gallery bases on Northeast Asia international metropolis Qingdao, treats the most dynamic Asia Pacific Economic Circle as exchange platform. Facing the whole world, commits to expand and develop the international art market for the artists, promote the exchange and cooperation of domestic and foreign artists, creates an international culture and art exchange platform.